My journey started way back in 2017 when there’s no ideal Smartwatch storage in the market to organize multiple bands and straps collection. 

Mason jar watch band storage1st Organizer - Mason Jar, 8oz
 2nd Organizer - Beer Mug, 12oz
Then, one night an earthquake or I was probably drunk, swiped it off the nightstand and broke the mug to pieces. Plus my bands collection is starting to grow so it's really time for an upgrade.
3rd Organizer - Sunglasses packaging box
So I found a replacement, recycled my sunglasses box.
But then, it started to attract dust and when I put the cover on, It's hard to pry it open and dig which band fancies my day. So I tried to find a replacement, again.
 4th Organizer - Watch Organizer Box
So far this is the most proper among my earlier organizers. Still not perfect though. The bands are bent half-way & some of them jumps out when I open the box. Also, not enough space, I still struggle to dig through each compartment for the band that I want to wear. 

These are my pain points. 

For me, a perfect organizer should be:

  • Compact yet generous enough store 7+ bands/straps ( gotta have at least one style per day, right?)
  • Storage and display features, one look & I’m bound to wear that orange strap for today, it’s Wednesday isn’t it?
  • Protection from dust and those moments when you can’t remember where the world did you put that favorite purple band?!?
  • Multi-purpose storage, so it can store sunglasses, jewelries, watches, pens, chocolates bars too, a lot more if you use your imagination!

So that is how Xchangeables is born, out of the picky need of one first time apple watch owner. 

We’ve launch our first organizer Acrylic Organizer and followed by various styles to meet your storage needs.

We currently offer acrylic, leatherette finish, wood, stackable, portable and travel organizers and multi-port chargers.

Each one has a unique feature that will meet your specific need.

Check out our new product and we guarantee you enjoy organizing the Xchangeables way!